Kate Knowles


The work below In-Lay is comprised of a triptych of abstract sculptural/paintings, created using cotton canvas with embellishments of thread and glass beads.

In-Lay Is contemplative and explorative. Using abstraction and a repetitive means of construction; (Hand-stitching) allowed me to initiate an inquiry into the phenomenology of trauma, its effects, and conclusions.

Samples of close up details from In-Lay


The effects of time on physical surfaces fascinates me. I record my findings by means of drawing and photography, which I use as a reference for painting, sculpture and video. I am a mixed-medium artist, recording the process as I work, sometimes the recorded process is used to create layered works.

My interest in the formless has recently shifted from nature onto the human condition, onto trauma, the abject, the repair, and the beauty that can be found in this altered state. Hopefully, my exploration will take me to a point of acceptance of the formless state.