Ye Wu

Ye Wu’s research and investigation this year has been primarily engaged with the field of Post-Humanism. It is related specifically to the concept of the ‘Cyborg’, stating ‘We have become cyborg, but we have not yet realized it ’ and how a dependency on contemporary technology in the form of smart phones and other prosthetic devices, impacts upon the human body and may be altering at a fundamental level human behaviours. He speculates on processes of communication between human and technology causing subtle changes in the physiological structure of the human brain. Its neural plasticity being altered by feedback loops and repetition. A new human is emerging, the ‘Trans Neural Creature’.


MP IDEA 010, Video, 1’34”, 1080P, June 2020, UK MP IDEA 011, Video, 1’45”, 1080P, July 2020, UK MP IDEA 006, Video, 18”, 1080P, June 2020, UK MP IDEA 005, Video, 17”, 1080P, June 2020, UK MP IDEA 004, Video, 48”, 1080P, June 2020, UK

We have become cyborg, but we have not yet realized it. When we can’t do without smartphones, and we can’t do without the internet, we become a cyborg. The highly developed data exchange method has made us a slave of information. News is a common way of publishing information. People’s mouths and faces have been deformed, and they are no longer humans as defined in the past.

MP IDEA 002 V2, Video, 49”, 1080P, June 2020, UK

Nowadays, with the continuous development of technology, network technology has brought about changes in people’s living conditions. The influence on people’s behaviour is obvious. Most people do not find their own values, their aesthetics are influenced by network culture and news media. Even the staff who carry out information release neglect themselves to become a broadcasting machine and a slave to information release. The rapid development of information technology has brought convenience for people to obtain information. At the same time, the authenticity of information is accompanied by the whole story of the information release strategy. Using big data technology to transform human thoughts, and then behaviour manipulation becomes possible.

Exhibition Plan

Exhibition Plan Video, 2’29”, 1080P, July 2020, UK

Portfolio of Trans-Neural-Creature


Ye Wu is an artist and visual designer working with a variety of processes and mediums such as graphic design, interactive installations, and photography. He has been a teacher of graphic design and digital media art for many years. His recent work focuses on the impact of human technological development on post-humanism. The continuous development of human technology has brought about changes in human behaviour and appearance. Post-humanism human psychoanalysis is the focus of his thinking. He is aiming to enlighten viewers, giving people access to his thoughts and feelings regarding this method of conception and the effect it has had on identity during posthuman. Using personal experience as inspiration, his work consists of narrative and form, giving the viewers an insight into his thought whilst reflecting on their own. At the same time, He studies the meaning of the macro world brought about micro photography and pursue the philosophical connection between the universe and life. He having been involved in multiple collaborative projects from different creative faculties, he recognizes the importance of artist collaboration. His other areas of interest are the micro world, the current state of contemporary society, psychoanalysis and dreams.