Andrei Barkhatov

The Three Smiths Statue in Helsinki, Finland, wearing masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. Photo by Kimmo Brandt/EPA, via Shutterstock

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Policy of Funding Schemes, Independent Contemporary Art Enterprises and Arts Attendance in Finland.

Research paper, 2020

The stone statues at Helsinki Central Station with face masks early on Friday morning, August 14, 2020. photo by Roni Rekomaa /Lehtikuva
The stone statues at Helsinki Central Station with face masks, 2020. photo by Roni Rekomaa /Lehtikuva

This research paper is an overview of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdown on the contemporary arts sector in Finland based on the information provided by the local art organisations, artists and community members. The paper also reflects on the changes in the sector’s funding strategies caused by the latest major economic crises in Europe.


As Finland has been the place of my work residency, I decided to use my Research in Practice and Major Project modules to analyse the current state of the contemporary arts sector in the country by conducting a series of surveys and interviews among residents, artists and arts management staff members.

Finland is a country where arts are deeply integrated into people’s lifestyles. Despite the chain of economic crises the country has been through in the last decade, support for the arts sector in Finland has been constantly increasing. The COVID-19 pandemic hit all sorts of arts organisations, artists and art consumers all over the world severely, and Finland is not an exception. The paper reflects on the response of funding organisations and independent art enterprises in Finland towards the pandemic-related crisis. It also assesses the impact of the crisis on the arts attendance among the Finnish residents.

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