Helen Flaherty


Short Film, 2020

“RE-WILDING EDUCATION” is a short film which didactic topic investigates the concept of rewilding education through eco-phenomenology, eco-psychology and structural design. Set within the natural landscape of forests, fields and abandoned spaces, you are given a complex multifaceted video piece which has the intended purpose of questioning the space which it presents.  Contemplation, reflection and a collage of ideas and spaces are pieced together this multi-layered film. Reflecting on St Peter’s Seminary a Roman Catholic place of study which went through many changes over its time, it was the perfect location to critically compare concepts of education with the history of the space. This conceptual piece is a manifestation of the future intended to extend our connection to nature and utilise the spaces we educate into their highest potential through psychological play and ecology. 


My body of research focuses predominantly on eco-phenomenology and eco-psychology, which I develop and use as an investigative tool to enhance educational spaces through design and psychology. I educate through the exploration of herbology, witchcraft and alternate religious practises. Specifically their aid in self care and the body. This can take the form of workshops, explorative film or immersive instillation.





Arts and Education Practices