Jane Anderson


My postgraduate research has thrown me on an unlikely path away from my design roots, and into a rekindling with the natural world, and more lately, a fascination with fungi. Connecting design thinking and explorative practice, questioning the design industry’s contribution to the climate emergency, and considering how materials might somehow get us out one at least one ecological mess have all been part of where my work has gone previously. Themes have been disparate on the surface – but plastic, biomaterials, charcoal and now mushrooms have common concerns, and all of them are connected through a reflection on the Anthropocene and the circular economy.

Over the past year I have been on a fumbling foray into amateur mycology, investigating the material of mycelium and their fruiting bodies – mushrooms – on a number of levels. The untapped potential of this organism may just hold the key to designing ourselves out of some of the issues we are facing, and as an educator myself, I am keen to allow my own research to influence, inform, and inspire.

I’ve created an online resource – Threads – in order to disseminate some of the research I have been doing, in the hope of turning more people on to the magic of mushrooms. I also have a view to holding Threads as a fungi festival next year – see the link above to collaborate or get involved.




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