Jaz Morrison

'ALPHABET PEOPLE' (2020). Digital Collage. A Black woman looking up from a murky abyss. England flags are where her eyes should be.
‘ALPHABET PEOPLE/N*GGAS WITH MBE’s’ (2020). Digital Collage.

“Though various things inspire my work, I always find myself going back to history and space. History because nothing happens in a vacuum, and so everything is informed by something else. And space because everything exists within it, as well as the precarious way physical space has been treated throughout history. It would be nice to say that I used identity as the prism through which these two themes intersect. And from it I wish to tell stories and add to existing discourse.”

when a person attempts to cross the sea, ‘it’s because you’re already dead.’

– Jaz Morrison (2020), Why ‘Atlantics’ is a beautiful reflection of Blackness, Black Ballad


Jaz Morrison is a writer and visual artist based in Birmingham, UK. She explores history and social space through photography and collage. By embracing subversive aesthetics, Jaz provides a basis for memory- and sense-making, which she describes as ‘storytelling’.


www.jazmor.com @jazmor_


MA Fine Art

Richa Verma

Unlock the new consumer path


During my stay in New Delhi, I came across how people in India are coping with the pandemic. What interested me the most was the queuing system. There was a box drawn in front of the shop, keeping a distance of 1 m and people had to stand on that box and wait for there turn to buy daily essential products.


Big companies like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, Zomato, etc. have already made their position in the market as an e-commerce brands in India.

But what about the small-scale retail & medical shops? As observed people are still putting their lives at risk and going to these local grocery stores and medical stores. They have to stand in queues for hours to wait for their turn and maintain social distance. There is a trust been built between the customers and these small retails? My concept will motivate these small retail shops to come online and sell their products through this app.

Through my application you can search the nearby grocery & medical store which you are already aware of, place your order and select the time which is suitable to you and a delivery person will be sent to these shops and will safely deliver your order.

With the help of this app small retails can increase their sales and maintain social distancing.

With the help of this application, people can easily order essential products from small retailers while sitting at home safe. And also these retailers can sell there products having minimum workers to support social distancing.

Unique Features

Once you open the app you will have a walkthrough in which you can see the precautions taken by us, to ensure your safety, i.e. Order Placement with minimum clicks, Zero contact between the delivery agent and the retailer, Contactless Delivery, Time to time sanitization and environment-friendly process.

Once the customer places the order and it gets confirmed with the retailer, customer will get the information like body temperature and medical history of the delivery agent and the guy who packed the order, ensuring the safety.

Once the food is delivered to you, your feedback is most valuable to us which will ask u certain questions like if the delivery person was wearing mask and gloves and maintained social distancing.

If one of the above precautions is not followed you can cancel the delivery.

With every order you placed, we will donate one mask and small sanitizer.(optional)

Ye Wu

Ye Wu’s research and investigation this year has been primarily engaged with the field of Post-Humanism. It is related specifically to the concept of the ‘Cyborg’, stating ‘We have become cyborg, but we have not yet realized it ’ and how a dependency on contemporary technology in the form of smart phones and other prosthetic devices, impacts upon the human body and may be altering at a fundamental level human behaviours. He speculates on processes of communication between human and technology causing subtle changes in the physiological structure of the human brain. Its neural plasticity being altered by feedback loops and repetition. A new human is emerging, the ‘Trans Neural Creature’.


MP IDEA 010, Video, 1’34”, 1080P, June 2020, UK MP IDEA 011, Video, 1’45”, 1080P, July 2020, UK MP IDEA 006, Video, 18”, 1080P, June 2020, UK MP IDEA 005, Video, 17”, 1080P, June 2020, UK MP IDEA 004, Video, 48”, 1080P, June 2020, UK

We have become cyborg, but we have not yet realized it. When we can’t do without smartphones, and we can’t do without the internet, we become a cyborg. The highly developed data exchange method has made us a slave of information. News is a common way of publishing information. People’s mouths and faces have been deformed, and they are no longer humans as defined in the past.

MP IDEA 002 V2, Video, 49”, 1080P, June 2020, UK

Nowadays, with the continuous development of technology, network technology has brought about changes in people’s living conditions. The influence on people’s behaviour is obvious. Most people do not find their own values, their aesthetics are influenced by network culture and news media. Even the staff who carry out information release neglect themselves to become a broadcasting machine and a slave to information release. The rapid development of information technology has brought convenience for people to obtain information. At the same time, the authenticity of information is accompanied by the whole story of the information release strategy. Using big data technology to transform human thoughts, and then behaviour manipulation becomes possible.

Exhibition Plan

Exhibition Plan Video, 2’29”, 1080P, July 2020, UK

Portfolio of Trans-Neural-Creature


Ye Wu is an artist and visual designer working with a variety of processes and mediums such as graphic design, interactive installations, and photography. He has been a teacher of graphic design and digital media art for many years. His recent work focuses on the impact of human technological development on post-humanism. The continuous development of human technology has brought about changes in human behaviour and appearance. Post-humanism human psychoanalysis is the focus of his thinking. He is aiming to enlighten viewers, giving people access to his thoughts and feelings regarding this method of conception and the effect it has had on identity during posthuman. Using personal experience as inspiration, his work consists of narrative and form, giving the viewers an insight into his thought whilst reflecting on their own. At the same time, He studies the meaning of the macro world brought about micro photography and pursue the philosophical connection between the universe and life. He having been involved in multiple collaborative projects from different creative faculties, he recognizes the importance of artist collaboration. His other areas of interest are the micro world, the current state of contemporary society, psychoanalysis and dreams.

Xuechun Yu


Xuechun is a 3D artist in exploring the relationship between real and virtual objects. She currently specializes in digital jewellery visuals and video. 

Her practice is informed by her early roots in crafts and visual design and her further evolution into digital design. She also creates experimental work for interdisciplinary practice.


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MA Art and Design

Simulacra-Dynamism in virtual space, 2020, video, 1’30”

This video is divided into three parts: flowing colours, dancing jewellery, and a virtual shop called Simulacra. She developed the theme of Simulacra for her exhibition, which explores the central theme of dynamism in virtual space.

Emblem series
Dancing masks season one
Dancing masks season two

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Based on the exploration of materials and dynamics, she is fascinated by the combination of experiment and uncertainty, real and virtual, the 3D form of digital jewellery, which can simulate the real and transcend the real existence. When attached to the digital material, the unexpected effect of watercolour provides surprises for designer and audience. The exhibition also aims to provide the audience with an immersive experience.

Nan Wei

An Emo Body, 2020video(02:23)


An Emo body is a short animation, exploring the relationship between body and emotion under the epidemic situation, and how to find happiness and health. The animation content tells some stories that happened between me and the characters in the small room under the lockdown epidemic  situation. From some personal experiences, I express my story of changing from a negative response to a positive attitude. Use the power of animation to spread the enthusiasm during the Covid-19 crisis.

What if the objects in the room are also physical and emotional?

I created an absurd world, the objects in the room became human beings with bodies and emotions, and they became negative under my influence. In this story, people feel the many possibilities of emotional influence by the environment. This movie is not only my thinking about the relationship between happiness and health, but also a call to others to have an optimistic attitude to recognize and treat emotions.


Emali: weinan913@icloud.com


MA Art and Design

Character Design
Cunning virus

Anxious TV
Brave disinfectant
Passionate fan
Optimistic computer
Film Stills

Junjia Zhang


My project investigates spatial perception with polka dots and infinitely mirrored space. I am in interested in the space defined as Heterotopia which in my work is somewhere between reality and Utopia. It is unlimited in the scope of space and has no boundaries in the senses. In the first semester of the research on spatial touch, when they touch the space, people’s visual response to the area will activate their memory, experience, and sense of similar space. ‘The door handle is the handshake of the building.’ The project is then the best way to show the ‘handshake’ of the sensory space through animation.




MA Art and Design

Stop Motion Animotion
VR watched by ‘Artivive’app

Stop Motion Animotion
VR watched by ‘Artivive’app

Jane Anderson


My postgraduate research has thrown me on an unlikely path away from my design roots, and into a rekindling with the natural world, and more lately, a fascination with fungi. Connecting design thinking and explorative practice, questioning the design industry’s contribution to the climate emergency, and considering how materials might somehow get us out one at least one ecological mess have all been part of where my work has gone previously. Themes have been disparate on the surface – but plastic, biomaterials, charcoal and now mushrooms have common concerns, and all of them are connected through a reflection on the Anthropocene and the circular economy.

Over the past year I have been on a fumbling foray into amateur mycology, investigating the material of mycelium and their fruiting bodies – mushrooms – on a number of levels. The untapped potential of this organism may just hold the key to designing ourselves out of some of the issues we are facing, and as an educator myself, I am keen to allow my own research to influence, inform, and inspire.

I’ve created an online resource – Threads – in order to disseminate some of the research I have been doing, in the hope of turning more people on to the magic of mushrooms. I also have a view to holding Threads as a fungi festival next year – see the link above to collaborate or get involved.




Art & Design

Lucy Gardiner

The New World

Animation and visual development artwork, 2020

This 3D computer animation explores a fictional Martian landscape inspired by modern and historical conspiracy theories, scientific theories and fictional depictions of Mars. This work was created after investigating and researching humanity’s fascination with Mars throughout our history, and our desire to colonise other planets due to Earth’s environmental degradation.

Accompanying visual development work was created alongside the final animation. Final Animation and artwork created using Blender3D software.


As a digital artist my work explores creating new environments and spaces in both 2D and 3D forms, in still and moving image. I am particularly interested in the creation of worlds for animation and virtual reality and how these virtual spaces can be used as an escape and safe space from reality, as well as how these spaces can be defined such as utopias, dystopias and heterotopias. 

Through my work I hope to communicate the narrative of a space, which is often inspired by research conducted into topics surrounding environmental issues and our impact on the Earth.

I tend to look to spaces outside of our planet for my environments so that I can reflect issues humanity faces on Earth in a reimagined setting. Looking to contemporary and historical science fiction for inspiration. 


Instagram: lulabalu.art
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MA Art and Design