Ciprian Grigorescu

Morning Exchange – Binaries

Series of 13 looped 15 second animations – variable formats 2020.

Morning Exchange is a collaboratively run project that organises research meetings, conversations, workshops and artist talks. One key rationale behind them is to better acquaint current students and staff with practitioners working beyond the walls of the SoA. An online record of the weekly meets is available online at, through which reading lists and notes gathered in the meets will be more broadly available.

The website acts both as an online platform archiving our previous meetings and collaborations and as a place to engage with resources, projects and reflexive practice; a news source for upcoming events and a home for a platform that is based around the previously mentioned core beliefs – organising meetings, research groups, collaborative projects and commissioned artworks.

The project Binaries stems from research conducted through the activity of Morning Exchange combined with personal investigation into foundational principles that sit at the core of organising collaborative structures. The binary notions function as building blocks for figuring out positions and points of reference, some appear to be in opposition, others in a state of complementarity; all presenting symbiotic relations that are considered through reflexive thought.

The looped 13 videos take inspiration from the idea of a deconstructed visual essay. They are designed to easily be disseminated online, adapting to different forms of representation – from screensavers to vertical video for mobile devices and even print formats. Freely available for download – their purpose is to be experienced independently on personal devices without the need for gallery / exhibition space access.

Binaries is a personal perspective, presented in a state of liminality – between an ambiguous generative viewing experience and investigative reflection – between artwork and online resource.

To view all 13 videos visit Morning Exchange here.
To download the videos click for horizontal or vertical.
To download A4 print files click here.


I define my practice as existing at the border of artistic gesture, design process and research.
It often stems from investigative research into subjects that puzzle and challenge my own perspective, adding to that ideas and conclusions derived from collaborative projects, conversations, workshops and interviews.
Roles such as organiser, mediator and producer take a foundational role in the direction projects take.
Between all of these, self referential traces can be found, distant connections and juxtapositions of ideas and visuals that act as generative content for a larger conversation.

Wenyi Ma

Merry-go-round series

2020. Five-channel video installation with three projectors, wooden board, 1023 x 300 x 40cm.

Tension is the subject of my research. On the one hand, I concentrate on the tension in the physical world: Subtle tension grows in the conflicts and comparisons within the physical movements by the form of a multi-screen where the audience can rotate around the work and watch all the videos. In my expectation of the exhibition, the viewers can gaze at the ephemeral movement and slight changes in the balloons in several screens.

On the other hand, my focus on the physical tension has gradually moved to the tension within the language of image and video art themselves. For me, image and video are more than just a tool for recording objectively. For example, I juxtaposed two videos in which two balloons move in different periods, and evokes an effect that the two balloons seem to encounter when the audience view the two videos together, and evokes an effect created by viewing the videos together. Thus this intriguing combination of these videos makes themselves generates a wonderful and subtle tension. Based on that, in the Merry-go-round series, I pay particular attention to the interactive effects caused by the combination of videos.


2020. Video, color, sound. 24’44”.


2020. Video, color, silent. 39’17”.


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Contemporary Arts China

Jennifer Linsdell


My practice aims to expose the truth of our teachers’ lives while actively seeking ways to use the arts and creativity to support mental wellbeing within education. Through interviews, artwork and critical self-reflection, I’m taking you into the unknown world of Further Education, a forgotten place left behind by our government. A place of anxiety, fear, institutional conditioning and un-restrained pressures.  

I hope you drift through this multi-disciplinary practice with an open mind; listen, learn and reflect on what is currently happening in this world. Take your time, allow yourself to fill this space with memories, thoughts and opinions. Write, draw, paint or simply just give yourself time to think. This is for you, to be part of. Your story is remarkable too. Recognise that one person can change the world, no matter how big or small that world is.  

After all, creativity is fundamental to the human condition.



Arts and Education Practices

One Person Can Change The World

A reflective project, 2020

Dear Reader,

Today, I am letting you into a secret world within Education. One, which is often considered to be taboo, an unspoken truth which flows through each and every member of this sector in some way. Mental Health is something which effects everyone in the world in some way. But in Further Education, it’s almost as if we are still stuck in the 1800’s, whispering about our educators being crazy, forcing them out of their roles, into asylums and putting a plaster over the cracks in the sector.

This project is built to show why our approach to mental health has to change. The detrimental effect this is having on our Educational workplaces, and the world within it. It seeks to show you, to make you listen to real stories of this impact. It is here to share with you how creativity and the arts can be used to support our staff and students. It is here to make you see, to make you understand why. It is here for you to reflect yourself, and join the advocacy for change with both art education, and mental wellbeing.

This project is not only here to allow you to see the truth, and the need for change. This work wants to create a space for you to realise your own connections with mental health in Education, and to continue to support the need for change.

This isn’t the end; this is just the beginning…

Thank you.

Charlotte Moulis

On Education #4

Storytelling Performance, August 2020

Through the 9 texts performed here, I navigate the misalignment between the needs from our Primary School system, and the structural devices that govern it. Each of the poetic narratives work to present my interpretation of that fragmented space inferring the need for reform.


I am a multi-disciplinary practitioner interested in a cross-fertilisation between my work as a primary school teacher and an engagement with educational theory and politics. I research the origins of practice in the state primary sector to articulate narratives of experience and alternatives.

Working predominantly with language, the interplay of the human and poetics with theory and praxes are pivotal components of my work. In the main, I draw or tell stories to share my understanding.  

My aim is to increase the force of a much-needed push for change in our primary sector.



Arts and Education Practices

Next Project: Illuminated Scroll/s: (WIP) transcript of my 9 texts used. This work will become On Education #5.

For further details please visit my website: