Rebecca Smith

Un Model, Re Structure, Dis Institute

Investigative Publication, 2020

Looking at how publication can act as a means of spatial development and explore common spaces of learning. It acts as a space of alternative learning, though structuring, institutional behaviors, and visual communication.

The publication ‘Book as Toolkit’ explores different Educational components and how this can be developed into an alternative space. It displays this act of zooming into institutional components and its layers of processed visualization as well as acting as a resource for the development of the alternate. The application and expansion of structures, models, behaviors, and sequences is visualized through the speculative models of education, this intersection or cross over of modes is visualized and developed through CMYK colour experimentation.


Rebecca Smith is an artist – educator – producer – creator and …

I explore the multi – faceted ways in which roles within arts organisations can have many purposes. In tern this interest in multi – use roles and spaces has developed into looking at the institute itself alongside space manuals and examine how these too can be adaptive to change. Un Model, Re Structure, Dis Institute, Alt Environment is a body of research and making that analyses the Uncanny spaces and the inter – between through experimental publication.



Arts and Education Practices

Xuechun Yu


Xuechun is a 3D artist in exploring the relationship between real and virtual objects. She currently specializes in digital jewellery visuals and video. 

Her practice is informed by her early roots in crafts and visual design and her further evolution into digital design. She also creates experimental work for interdisciplinary practice.


Artist Website


MA Art and Design

Simulacra-Dynamism in virtual space, 2020, video, 1’30”

This video is divided into three parts: flowing colours, dancing jewellery, and a virtual shop called Simulacra. She developed the theme of Simulacra for her exhibition, which explores the central theme of dynamism in virtual space.

Emblem series
Dancing masks season one
Dancing masks season two

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Based on the exploration of materials and dynamics, she is fascinated by the combination of experiment and uncertainty, real and virtual, the 3D form of digital jewellery, which can simulate the real and transcend the real existence. When attached to the digital material, the unexpected effect of watercolour provides surprises for designer and audience. The exhibition also aims to provide the audience with an immersive experience.

Dandan Xu

In-Between Series, 2020, installation

In-Between Series


In-Between Series expresses the sense of distance between people, between two countries, and between the surface of the body and the heart. This series uses a brush and a bottle of ink as the connecting objects, which are transferred layer by layer. Participants will write down the names of the people they miss during the lockdown on their skins and use videos to record behaviors to reduce the distance between people during infectious diseases. Combining the concept of the city, the private space and the public space are combined to present the relationship between people and public space to the audience.

In-Between Series1

Video, 4’45”, 2020

In-Between Series2

Video, 0’35”, 2020

In-Between Series3

Video, 8’25”, 2020

In-Between Series4

Video, 5’05”, 2020

In-Between Series5

Video, 2’57”, 2020

In-Between Series6

Video, 1’13”, 2020

In-Between Series7

Video, 5’00”, 2020

In-Between Series8

Video, 17’57”, 2020


Xu Dandan is an artist who recently explored the role of skin as a subject and medium in contemporary art. As well as the relationship between the body and public space. Through these elements, the audience feels a sense of strangeness and distance. This strangeness comes from the potential relationship between private space and public space, the transformation of the known and the unknown.

The major project is based on practice and uses video recording behavior as a response method to COVID-19. Participants included some people isolated in the UK, including herself. Even in harsh environments, short-term joy usually comes from artistic and collective expression. The coronavirus will change the way we work and study. However, this will not eliminate the body’s desire for public space.



Contemporary Arts China

Cong Wu

She is thinking of her cat, 2020, two-channel video (color, sound), 03’48”.

Fancy a call later tonight?, 2020, video (B&W, sound), 4’14”.

The sun rises, and the sun sets, 2020, video(color, sound), 02’56”.


Cong Wu is a visual artist whose works concentrate on the purely spiritual experience generated within alternations, that is, a kind of unspeakable, specific spiritual status producing a ‘mental jump’ which leads the audiences to a point beyond their rational thinking and the limit of our knowledge.

His two-channel video work She is thinking of her cat focuses on the inherent ambivalence and the eternal conflict within one’s inside world. In this work, the image of a hand appears accompanied by a knocking sound but soon fades away, suggesting a permanent loss, an enigmatic whilst immanent void or emptiness in our internal world: If the hand’s action symbolizes the illusion and impulse of those seemly attainable desires, the fading of the image of the hand implicitly breaks the unachievable illusion above. The video plays on a loop in which there is no such thing as a beginning, climax, or end, which implies humanity’s endless yet fragile relationship with reality.

Fancy a call later tonight? explores how a dramatically shifted external world impacts one’s internal world and thus evokes a sense of confusion, shock, hesitation, and awe beyond the realm of reason. It reflects the complex whilst subtle true experience of a Chinese lady living in Birmingham, UK under the effect of city lockdown. The text in the video is collected from her chat records with others (friends, strangers, relatives) on social media where the audience can view many kinds of opinions on her, even including sexual allusions and offensive messages. 

In The sun rises, and the sun sets which is a sentence extracted from the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes 1:5, several scenes of normal behaviours such as eating and sleeping are abstracted to uncanny elements in a melancholic tone. This work seeks a way of alternating the experience of universal human behavior into a transcendent status beyond the boundary of everyday thinking. What the audience experiences is a mysterious, sublime moment that engenders a disruption of our cognitive capacity dismantling the sense of the continuity of time, thus prompting a contemplation within the audience in which they can reintegrate the existing frame of meaning.

For more information about Cong Wu’s work, please view his website here.


Artist Website


Contemporary Arts China

Jennifer Linsdell


My practice aims to expose the truth of our teachers’ lives while actively seeking ways to use the arts and creativity to support mental wellbeing within education. Through interviews, artwork and critical self-reflection, I’m taking you into the unknown world of Further Education, a forgotten place left behind by our government. A place of anxiety, fear, institutional conditioning and un-restrained pressures.  

I hope you drift through this multi-disciplinary practice with an open mind; listen, learn and reflect on what is currently happening in this world. Take your time, allow yourself to fill this space with memories, thoughts and opinions. Write, draw, paint or simply just give yourself time to think. This is for you, to be part of. Your story is remarkable too. Recognise that one person can change the world, no matter how big or small that world is.  

After all, creativity is fundamental to the human condition.



Arts and Education Practices

One Person Can Change The World

A reflective project, 2020

Dear Reader,

Today, I am letting you into a secret world within Education. One, which is often considered to be taboo, an unspoken truth which flows through each and every member of this sector in some way. Mental Health is something which effects everyone in the world in some way. But in Further Education, it’s almost as if we are still stuck in the 1800’s, whispering about our educators being crazy, forcing them out of their roles, into asylums and putting a plaster over the cracks in the sector.

This project is built to show why our approach to mental health has to change. The detrimental effect this is having on our Educational workplaces, and the world within it. It seeks to show you, to make you listen to real stories of this impact. It is here to share with you how creativity and the arts can be used to support our staff and students. It is here to make you see, to make you understand why. It is here for you to reflect yourself, and join the advocacy for change with both art education, and mental wellbeing.

This project is not only here to allow you to see the truth, and the need for change. This work wants to create a space for you to realise your own connections with mental health in Education, and to continue to support the need for change.

This isn’t the end; this is just the beginning…

Thank you.