Kit Wright

Hi, I’m Kit Wright.

I’m an artist and educator with an enthusiasm for nature, art, storytelling, and living ecologically. Over the past two years, I have explored outdoor education, forest schooling, art-based environmental education, and indigenous eco philosophies. Viewing the human relation to nature in geosophical knowledge systems through the lens of creative activities has helped me explore my origin story, forge a connection to the natural world, and develop an ecological self. As a result, I created Chatter Projects art and nature workshops from which Cards For Ecology educational resources developed. Chatter Projects workshops and Cards For Ecology resources combine storytelling, art and play to encourage engagement with and reflection of the natural world, our relationship with nature, and our place within the delicate ecosystem which sustains us. 

Chatter Projects workshops allow the voices of the landscape and people to shape the creative process. Whilst prompting conversations about the relationship between art and nature; creativity and the various environments that we inhabit. 

Cards For Ecology are art and nature activity cards developed with original nature stories and retellings of ancient narratives to help children explore their relationship with the natural world. The foundational idea of the cards is that through the development of an empathetic relationship with nature, ecocentrism can be cultivated. 

Chatter Projects are cognisant of worries surrounding the climate crisis by creating sensitive resources with age-appropriate language and content. Focusing on creating interest in and appreciation of nature to tackle cognitive dissonance towards climate change, nature deficit disorder, deficiency in climate awareness, and depleting nature engagement. By presenting opportunities that engage people with the natural environment, forging a connection to nature through curious exploration and creative activities. The resources cultivate ecocentric values by reorienting people’s relationship to the natural world.

Chatter Projects Website:

Cards for Ecology are an educational tool kit to help children and adults reflect upon their current relationship to the natural world. The cards aim to generate opportunities to connect or reconnect with nature and actively involve participants to consider the climate.

I created Chatter Projects to make materials for parents, educators and children to start conversations about the environment. Our resources and workshops encourage creativity, discussion and imaginative engagement with the world around us.

Who are they for?

The card sets have been developed for teachers and parents to use with individuals, pairs, or groups of children. The cards work in a flexible way to suit your activity needs, in the sense that you could opt to just use workshop cards, or a mix of character cards and chatter cards. You could shuffle them all together or keep them within their specified categories. Each category has a purpose of its own and works separately or alongside another category.

How to use the cards

Each activity box kit has an accompanying information booklet which outlines the ways in which the cards can be used. Each card pack has a card which outlines the ways in which the cards can be used. Each card has a label on the left-hand corner which is visible when the deck is fanned out, the labels show what category the card falls into. The cards are developed to be intuitive and flexible in the sense that they can be shuffled up and picked at random, although there are suggested orders for workshop cards that can be found in the information booklets and followed if the user chooses to do so. 

Different card packs

  • 01 Shared Earth
  • 02 Insect Rescuer
  • 03 World Adventurer

01 Shared Earth

02 Insect Rescuer

03 World Adventurer

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