Dottie Abner

Quiet Activism and The Femxle Body

Digital Resource, 2020

Quiet Activism and the Female Body is a resource combining conversations, digital art and quiet activism through craft. This resource uses conversations among womxn to dive touch on the topic of femxle censorship on social media, in addition the notion of equal rights between men and womxn embedded into this. It includes diverse drawings of the nude, natural femxle form including stretch marks, bare bum and breast! In addition to activities to quietly advocate for yourself, body positivity and the femxle body.

The Fem Voice

Textiles, 5-9 in, 2020

These pieces together create a body of work combining quiet activism and embroidery. This collective of work is called The Fem Voice. It combines the intricacy and delicateness of embroidery and intertwines it with hard hitting quotes. Questioning what it’s like to be nude on social media and in the eyes of society as a femxle (an inclusive term that includes all that associate). Although small, the impact is massive as it allows the society to understand more about how womxn’s bodies aren’t treated as fairly as a man’s by society. People may report a nude, femxle body because they deem it as borderline porn, may not like their body type or they feel it’s too inappropriate for the world of social media to view. As a man’s body on social media is not as over sexualized and an eye isn’t batted when seen. 

My works combine activism for womxn’s bodies and the powerful impact of textiles to create an affect as a protest poster would. Their visually appealing look is set to provide a voice for womxn in these uncertain times, spark conversations amongst its viewers and educate those on the topic of having a powerful feminine voice in society. 


Art educator, art activist, textiles and digital artist committed to educating others through visual art. As an art educator my goal is to create a safe, creative learning space whilst teaching life lessons through visual arts curriculum. Whilst advocating for the importance of art in children’s day to day lives and their future ability to think creatively. Creator of textiles embroidery work and digital art that are used as tools of activism. My work advocates for myself, others and the current issues of today.



Arts and Education Practices