Hilary J Baker

father + ball = my world

My creative practice throughout my MA has been based on a forensic and archaeological investigation to find traces of myself. This investigation concluded that the disappearance was not of myself, but that of my father when I was 18 years old. 

My Research in Practice module focussed on the use of objects in art, which highlighted the ontological, politicisation, appropriation, and curation of objects by artists, and most importantly how the ontological nature of objects contain personal mythologies and symbolic references only known to the artist. 

Joseph Kosuth’s work in particular highlighted to me how artists also utilise objects as materials to question the nature of art itself. I have chosen to use the framework of Joseph Kosuth’s ‘One and three chairs” (1965) to provide a model for my own installation to show the tension between representation and meaning, and the plurivocality and numinous nature of an object.

Image projection through the canvas


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