Jessie Lavie

Empowered Women: An Illustrated Quilt

My creative practice connects craftivism, feminism, and socially-engaged art. I look to drive positive social change by engaging diverse groups of people in the processes of creating collaborative projects whilst allowing space for conversation and exchange. I use illustration and visual art as a tool to strengthen social movements including body positivity, gender equality, and wellbeing. I take inspiration from everyday thoughts, conversations, and events and how they affect us. I am influenced by local communities who are an integral part of my research and play a fundamental role in my projects.

This project brought together women to talk, draw, and stitch. During online workshops, women were provided with prompts themed around empowerment and self-reflection for which they illustrated and stitched their responses. Participants recognised that embroidery has its power and can be used as a gentle and profound method of protest. The collective act of sharing thoughts, experiences, and emotions whilst embroidering them resulted in an improved sense of self-empowerment and fostered a greater self-awareness.

Everything we create empowers us.