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Materials and dimensions, 2020

Hollow out and all the materials are suitable for polyester and plastic film to reflect the softness, including the fluffy material on the back of the chair, which can bring people a sense of tenderness.
By exploring the soft fabric of life, this idea is combined with the chair, and the whole fabric is used.
The material used for the deck chair is cotton fabric, and its special use position can provide people with better soft and comfortable effect.
The chair that does not rely on the supporting part is like an upside-down bed. The material is made of cotton and soft plastic, and the surface material of the chair is made by liquid evolution, which has a new definition of softness.
Each individual part is filled with cotton fabric, and the outer wrapping is made of soft leather to increase the retention and softness of the chair shape associated with the petals.
For the chair made of felt-wool material, it gives people a kind of very light and soft feeling visually. Half of its body is translucent state, which increases the tenderness of the whole chair.
Through a simple water cup to associate the chair shape, and for it to give different soft material such as wool fiber, from the vision to give a person a kind of gentle embodiment.
The combination of rope and a kind of soft foam is such a feeling, using a kind of visual binding to show people the most unique side, but also reflects the softness of the material.
The exhibition
The exhibition

I used 3D software to make soft materials, and then injected these materials to make the chairs look soft and comfortable, which is the main purpose of my project. In today’s society, many chairs are composite materials, actually use soft material to make very little chair, so that people cannot be used to provide a good way, customs software rendering that is the most important visual brings the softness and comfort, if these chairs in the future will be made into an object, you must first give a person a kind of shock feeling on the vision. I use of these materials in the polyester, cotton, cotton fabrics, plastic film, etc., all can be provided for the soft material


I am sure that the theme of chairs is because I have used some very uncomfortable chairs before. When I use them, I always feel that chairs will bring some uncomfortable feelings to my body, especially the hardness of chairs, which greatly reduces people’s softness and comfort, so softness and comfort are very important for chairs. So I did some research from this angle, and found that materials play a very important role in influencing the softness of chairs.


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