Lucy Gardiner

Cairn with glowing green object

The New World

Animation and visual development artwork, 2020

This 3D computer animation explores a fictional Martian landscape inspired by modern and historical conspiracy theories, scientific theories and fictional depictions of Mars. This work was created after investigating and researching humanity’s fascination with Mars throughout our history, and our desire to colonise other planets due to Earth’s environmental degradation.

Accompanying visual development work was created alongside the final animation. Final Animation and artwork created using Blender3D software.


As a digital artist my work explores creating new environments and spaces in both 2D and 3D forms, in still and moving image. I am particularly interested in the creation of worlds for animation and virtual reality and how these virtual spaces can be used as an escape and safe space from reality, as well as how these spaces can be defined such as utopias, dystopias and heterotopias. 

Through my work I hope to communicate the narrative of a space, which is often inspired by research conducted into topics surrounding environmental issues and our impact on the Earth.

I tend to look to spaces outside of our planet for my environments so that I can reflect issues humanity faces on Earth in a reimagined setting. Looking to contemporary and historical science fiction for inspiration. 

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