Jessica Skidmore

I create work that is both relevant for today’s world, while having the traditional element and making of something that could have existed centuries ago.I feel it is important to move forward in the world of art and creativity. But I also feel that there is so much left in the past that has not yet outlived its usefulness. I find a lot of fascination with different forms of religious art but I feel that pieces of this nature can be adapted into something more. I also feel traditional art methods are important to continue to learn and to educate ourselves with. You never know when traditionalism will be called upon in the place of modern and post modern art. I am often inspired by work of all Medias and methods that surround me in my home of England and in the Midlands. It is where I was born and raised and it is where I often source ideas and messages that I wish to show and say through various forms of work. I am primarily a drawer but my life as a student has encouraged me to try other methods I would not have previously done which has opened other doors for myself and my work.I am interested in how I can further establish myself as an artist and what other fields I can branch out into in the future.


My work has consisted of many different elements and different scales. From Wooden Archways of authentic and contemporary grandeur, to smaller handheld pieces of different shapes and materials. From perspex to glass paint, from insulation tape to acetate, I have taken reference from both modern and traditional stained glass artists whilst on my project journey.