Qingying Liu

Disappearance Series

video, 2020

In the face of the Covid-19 that is sweeping the world, cleaning has become a must-do every day. Disinfection water, Gloves, Masks, Paper towels, and so on are necessary items used to clean. When we quarantine at home, we can see the world through the window. So I used these to do my practice on the window.

From lockdown stay at home to lockdown measures eased and the government suggesting to eat out. My cleaning work has been accompanied by my activities. I have been recording my cleaning work when I stay at home during the quarantine period, to cleaning when I going to a friend’s house after lockdown measures eased, and to cleaning when I eat out.

My practice work is a series of videos titled Disappearance. It included seven short videos in a style of black and white images that is looked at the city through the window and disinfected it. In the end, as the hand wipes the window, the city is disappeared. Each video all same wiping techniques because I want to focus on different shooting places and the end result is disappeared. I want to express my views on Covid-19 through this work. If we didn’t take any measures to combat this virus, then the city may be defeated by the virus and disappeared.

Disappearance Series1, 2020, video, 2’56‘’

Disappearance Series2, 2020, video, 2’56‘’

Disappearance Series3, 2020, video, 2’56‘’

Disappearance Series4, 2020, video, 2’57‘’

Disappearance Series5, 2020, video, 2’57‘’

Disappearance Series6, 2020, video, 2’57‘’

Disappearance Series7, 2020, video, 2’57‘’


My course is MA Contemporary Arts China (MACAC) at BCU, my undergraduate and graduate major is environmental art design in China, and the main research is landscape design. My study MACAC at BCU is also an experience of interdisciplinary study. I mainly create through video art, use images to explore art in life, to record contemporary urban changes and discover problems in the city, and to think about the environment in the entire city. Reflecting on the appearance of urban at present, learning of Contemporary Art made me understand the contemporary urban from a different perspective and gained more insights.




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