Sam Edward

Multi-platform space where politics and art smash together, 2020

screenshot of online lecture, Lord Rees-Mogg,, 2020

thisisasoapbox is a multi-platform space that deciphers what it means to be politically engaged while making work. This work demonstrates that art has the unique capability to comment on and influence politics all while remaining art work. The work simutationally allows others artists to imagine their practices as actual political engagement, whilst creating an environment where politics becomes more accessible to the outside observer. This current iteration focuses on the barriers in political/politicised language through the lens of facades: personal, structural and institutional.

screenshot of online lecture, Lord Rees-Mogg,, 2020
screenshot of online lecture, the facade that is Dominic Cummings,, 2020


Sam Edward is a socially engaged public text artist whose practice revolves around the intersection between the political and the artistic. Using public spaces and text allows Edward to create work that inspires accessible conversation about political events and ongoing politicised conversations. Edward has a multi-disciplinary practice that is constantly searching for new ways of starting these conversations; anything in the public domain has potential to be aprotitated.



Arts and Education Practices