Yushan Su

Birmingham Chinatown Brand Design and Wayfinding Design


07/2020 Birmingham Chinatown Photographer Yushan Su

Designer Personal Website please see here: https://ysu398.wixsite.com/yushan

My major project focus on design a visual identity system and a guide icon system. At the same time, I will think about two specific problems, how to create graphic memory for the target audience? And Does continuous graphics is a good way to spread the brand image? I trying to use filed work, photography, drawing, software and reference review as methodology which help me understand the characteristics of Birmingham Chinatown.

The logo inspired by Birmingham Selfridges and Chinese chopsticks and I use red and black as the main colours. I chose IMPACT typography as the English character, Black Body – Simple typography as the Chinese character. Because they give the audience a strong visual effect and a sense of weight so that the audience can be better impressed with the logo.

Birmingham Chinatown Brand Design
Birmingham Chinatown Brand Support Graphics
07/2020 Birmingham Chinatown Photography Yushan Su