Richa Verma

Unlock the new consumer path


During my stay in New Delhi, I came across how people in India are coping with the pandemic. What interested me the most was the queuing system. There was a box drawn in front of the shop, keeping a distance of 1 m and people had to stand on that box and wait for there turn to buy daily essential products.


Big companies like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, Zomato, etc. have already made their position in the market as an e-commerce brands in India.

But what about the small-scale retail & medical shops? As observed people are still putting their lives at risk and going to these local grocery stores and medical stores. They have to stand in queues for hours to wait for their turn and maintain social distance. There is a trust been built between the customers and these small retails? My concept will motivate these small retail shops to come online and sell their products through this app.

Through my application you can search the nearby grocery & medical store which you are already aware of, place your order and select the time which is suitable to you and a delivery person will be sent to these shops and will safely deliver your order.

With the help of this app small retails can increase their sales and maintain social distancing.

With the help of this application, people can easily order essential products from small retailers while sitting at home safe. And also these retailers can sell there products having minimum workers to support social distancing.

Unique Features

Once you open the app you will have a walkthrough in which you can see the precautions taken by us, to ensure your safety, i.e. Order Placement with minimum clicks, Zero contact between the delivery agent and the retailer, Contactless Delivery, Time to time sanitization and environment-friendly process.

Once the customer places the order and it gets confirmed with the retailer, customer will get the information like body temperature and medical history of the delivery agent and the guy who packed the order, ensuring the safety.

Once the food is delivered to you, your feedback is most valuable to us which will ask u certain questions like if the delivery person was wearing mask and gloves and maintained social distancing.

If one of the above precautions is not followed you can cancel the delivery.

With every order you placed, we will donate one mask and small sanitizer.(optional)