Xinyan Lun

Starry Dreams (2020), installation

I freeze the happiness,
waiting for you to come back.

Starry Dreams

(2020) paper fragments, clear tape, installed in Woodgate Valley Country Park, Birmingham, Variable size.

A large number of the colourful paper fragments and the clear tape were combined to a transparent sheet and hung in the forest, which creates an appealing but absurd scene. By presenting this paradoxical context, the artist wants to convey the idea about human’s intervention in the nature to raise people’s thought of those effect in the environment caused by their action.

I transformed my wishes into ribbons,
hung them all up on the trees.

I keep the sky, the trees,
and everything else in the world under wraps


Xinyan Lun is an artist who creates abstract graphic works and installations by exploring daily materials as a way of seeing the world and thinking of the relationship between human and the nature.

Her works usually evoke a sense of fairy tale because of the vibrant colour she uses yet strange and absurd atmosphere could be perceived in her way of using the materials. She is interested in the visual language of repeating and extending the materials as well as the relationship between artworks and space, drawing on a range of artistic traditions from abstract expressionism to excessivism, minimalism and land art.

The daily material she uses mainly is tape, a product which is light, common and often used to stick things together, exploring its less conventional properties in experimental ways.



Fine Art