Yu Xi

Contemporary children’s comic books-the establishment of outlook of world, value, and life.


This work collects stories about people’s “appearance”-the troubles caused by it. Based on these real stories, the secondary editing of the stories through myths and fairy tales-these children’s comics are based on the myths and fairy tales of various countries Create a story as a culture background-create contemporary children’s comic book, through the interaction of adults telling stories for children, spread the theme of the work as “Be Yourself”, and establish that each person is a unique and beautiful educational purpose.


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MA Art and Design


“Somebody to Love”

“Childhood memories”

The above animation shows some stories collected through interaction with the audience. These stories show what happens to people because of their “appearance”. By analysing and reorganizing these real stories, I created this work- children’s comic book.

These stories combine the Chinese myth “Nuwa created mankind” with the Western legend “God gives human life”, and use three different types of fairy tales to convey the concept that “everyone is unique and beautiful”.

“Best Life?”


“Someone’s Love”

The audience can stay in the art gallery to watch these comic stories, or they can buy books for children to read.